Paul Chandler (paulchandler) wrote in sfranonymous,
Paul Chandler

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when i woke up, i felt especially yummy. maybe it's living in a house full of yung & sometimes-nekkid college-aged gurlz, maybe it's the fact that i'm sexy as hell... maybe it's just the 18. i don't know exactly what it is, but i do know that i kick ass.

amgrrr still won't let me "sleep" in her bed, even when i offer to bring other women into it. oh well. it's still a good day. it'll get better as i get sexier, which seems inevitable. i just keep getting finer, like a nice bottle of wine does with age. that's me. fine as hell, sexier than everyone i know, and making all the women jealous.

i found a song that i identify with, it's by drowning pool. "...i don't care about anyone else, but me..." i should have written that. in the great 90's philosopher beavis's words: "all i really care about is me." if you were me, it would be hard for you to think about anything else too. really. i could just hug myself.
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